This part is consist of Gera Gulf and the eastern part of Kalloni Gulf. Our start point is the city of Mytilene but now we take the eastern exit of the city. The road pass through an area full of olive trees, while the first crossroad lead us to the small settlements of Alifanta, Pirgi and Kedros.

Gera Gulf Gera Gulf-Evriaki Beach

Focus on the main road, our journey continues to Gera Gulf. Is a rout that has as basic colors the green of the trees and the blue of the sea. Characteristic are the Hot baths “Therma”, settled by the sea, the old commercial buildings from 18th and 19th century (olive presses e.t.c.), times that the area had great developement. Going west we can see the villages and settlements of : Dipi, Pigadakia, Kato Tritos, Michou, Palaiokipos, Plakados, Perama. The main road leads to Papados, Mesagros and Skopelos.


Papados square Plakados



The southern road goes to the seaside area named Tarti, while the central road leads to Plomari and the villages Trigona and Plagia, built amphitheatrically through the olive trees. After driving through the trees and nature we reach the wonderful beach of Agios Isidoros.

Gera City Hall Perama

Going back to the main road, we move to the peripheral road that leads to the town of Plomari.


Almost 10 klm higher from Plomari is settled the village of Megalochori a very nice settlement and Palaiochori also. Melinda beach is ideal for swimming. Contuining N.E. from Palaiochori, the road lead us to Akrasi and Drotas and to Panagia Krifti beach.

Agios Isidoros Beach Melinda Beach

                                   From Akrasi we keep Northern. The crossroad to the North leads to the villages Ampeliko, Stavros and Kato Stavros and finally we reach Vatera, one of the best beaches of Mediterranean.


Taking the central road of Vatera, we pass through Vrisa, whle if we continue we reach Polichnitos and Skala of Polichnitos. The same road can lead us to Nifida, a wonderful seaside area.

Polichnitos Nifida

Through the path that goes to mountain Olympos we can go to Agiassos and the Temple of Virgin Mary. Walking down the road from the mountain we see the place named Karini and through the road we can reach the village Asomatos.


Agiassos Virgin Mary of Agiassos
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